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    Sunday, June 7, 2009 12:29 PM

    Yesterday I bought 3 Ebooks through G-Cash at Freebooks2000 for only P5 each.

    This are the list of the ebooks that I bought:
    1.Erin Mccarthy - Bad Boys Online
    2.Charlaine Harris - Harper Connelly 01 - Grave Sight
    3.Charlaine Harris - Harper Connelly 02 - Grave Surprise

    && I got a free E-Comic of Archie 457
    (^____________________________________^) Nice isn't it?
    Buy now!!! She's got Loyal Costumer Promo (2nd, 3rd, Nth time Buyer): 20 ebooks for P100 plus 5 free ebooks! and you can also buy Self-help Ebooks, Audio Books, PC games and a lot more just visit her multiply account.

    Thanks Thannia :)