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    Sunday, June 14, 2009 5:55 PM

    3 Days to go and I'm gonna be an official college student of Far Eastern University in the course of Fine Arts major in Advertising arts. Yey, I can now save money by my daily allowance and I can buy the 3 Vampire Diaries novels of L.J Smith (I'm a bookaholic!!!!!!!). And oh btw, I feel so high today because I invited my friend Joanna to go in the clubhouse (Thats really a vague thing to do, for me.) and go swimming just to have fun before their classes starts and its my first time to go swimming in this year 2009 lol. :)) but yes, before we go swimming my family and I go in Guadalupe church (it's the church were I go to when I have this Life time Skin disease. *sad* I think that church is the one who healed me. *miracle?*) and then we go in Robinsons mall and it's the first time we got there and that's it for today. :]

    My eyes still hurts because of that pool full of chlorine. (^_________^)
    && oh I did'nt find the book Vampire Diaries 1 in 4 Bookstores *sigh*
    Till next time~
    Cheers. <3