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    Friday, June 5, 2009 10:12 PM

    Yes, My foot hurts. We've (my family) been in 6 malls, I think.
    Farmers, Gateway, Rustans, Shopwise, SM cubao, & Alimall.
    and we got wet by the rain lol. While we're shopping for the things I need before the classes starts my head started to ache (I don't know why) and I'm feeling quite dizzy until we got home my head still aches and until now. So btw I've changed my BG again :] It's ohbaxy! Its my previous BG and I think it fits into my lyt and I added something on the top left portion of my blog it's ohbaxy again with a heart lol. I've also added the fade in sticky note box (^_______^) and I've added icons(nature) in the free section. That's it. Ciao~