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    Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:23 PM

    Yey, I've joined the contest of Ate Joyce. It's my first time to join in a contest well sana manalo :) Ang saya dahil ang daming pwedeng mapanalunan dami kasing sponsors. Well, thanks to Ate Joyce sinali niya yung entry ko (^_________^)


    *$10 from Ms.Candy-Blush
    *$25 from Ate Reesie
    *$50 from an anonymous friend
    *$20 from Kuya Epfi of
    *$15 from Kikayness of


    *Free Webhosting for 3 months from Kiven of (my host)
    *Free Webhosting from Pahn of
    *Free webhosting from Kulot of
    *Free DOMAIN from Joycee
    *Personalized wordpress theme & free unlimited webhosting for a year from Ate Mumu of
    *1 year free webhosting from
    *6 months free webhosting from Micaela of


    *100×100 avatar size ad spot in Gail’s blog of
    *1 month advertisement on Mel Lee’s blog of
    *125×125 Ad spot in Vhincent’s blog of
    *125×125 Ad spot in Jerick Mack’s blog of
    *Ad spots in Nika Catbagan’s blogs,,, and
    *125×125 Ad spot in Katkat’s blog of
    *125 x 125 ad spot at from Ate Mumu
    *500×500 ad spot in April’s blog of


    *$15 worth of e-load from Ate Cecille of
    *Free weekly load for one month from Walongbote of


    *The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch from an anonymous friend
    *Skullcandy Headset from Ate Bojoy & Arnie
    *Lord of the Rings book from Kikayness of




    I was awarded. My 1st Award in blogging :)

    Yey, Thanks to Sis Shanne. Yey Im so Happy (^_______^) lol. Thanks again.


    Btw, Im so bored this day so I decided to Edit my pictures. Here is it: