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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 11:06 PM

    Okay, I hate yesterday. I have a fever and I'am still not okay, got mild headache which would actually sucks (hate having headaches) and my throat quite hurts (cough) ehem, ehem. So we got to the doctor yesterday for a checkup (Farmers, Cubao, Clinica Caritas), so me and my mom waited for about 3 hours until the doctor called us and at that time I was begging my mom to go home and be back here by today but she said we're already here we should have some effort and patience argh so that totally pisses me off. I hate it. I really wanted to go home that time because my bez is waiting at home. He was at the house for about 5pm sharp lol until we got home for about quarter to 8pm. Then when we got home my tears suddenly falling down lol dont know why but then my bez started to make me happy :)

    We only spent 1 hour being together.


    I'd already took some medicine but the F-ing headache still bugs me.
    I feel so hot X(