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    Monday, June 1, 2009 5:00 PM

    Ok just got home from UST, FEU, CEU and Trinoma with Anna, Oriel, June and I. It is really tiring because we walk and walk and walk all the time. Geez, I really feel the college life. So okay, first we went to UST to know the things that Anna need to know before the classes starts. Then 2nd, We went to FEU to replace the patches that Ate Cathy bought because the patches were for Institute of finance management blahblahblahblahblah.
    So I exchanged it for the patches of my course (Institute of architecture and fine arts, I think) and to buy a p.e uniform (Jogging pants + P.E tshirt= P428.00). and then we went to CEU to submit Oriel's birth certificate so when we got there half of the people in there were foreigngers and almost all of them were Persian/Iranian (I love their eyes) so when we're inside the univ. we went to the bldg. of dentistry (Oriel's course) then I'm so shocked because all of those persians were taking dentistry lmao and then I've seen this persian guy and he looks like a vampire (sabi ni Anna, PWEDE!) lol. So we hired a taxi to get there in Trinoma and it was hell traffic because of the rally of students. So that's it Im so so so tired and I think Im sick lol I've head ache.